Moccasins and Footwear

Moccasins are a very popular item for me. I make three different styles with the boot style by far the most popular.  Both the boot style and the calf high style have double bison hide soles that are both glued and stitched. So, no matter if you wear through the stitches the out sole stays on. If you wear through the out soles, send them back to me and I’ll put new ones on for a reasonable fee. I also offer latigo out soles. No difference in wearabilty, just a little less expensive. They fit like heavy socks and many of my customers hunt in them or wear them outdoors regularly. The slip on style is very popular for indoor wear after a long day on your feet. No matter what style You choose, your feet will love you and all of my moccasins wear like iron.

I also can make you a very nice pair of hand made dress shoes. Call me to discuss if that’s what you would like.